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    Talent Acquisition

    We employ an ongoing strategy to find the best candidates for the positions that need to be filled within your company. From specialists, leader, or basic employees that need to fill your specific skillset needs.

    Talent Onboarding

    Ceed Enterprises will provide the essential need an organization has for talent acquisition, development, and retention. It is imperative for a company's new recruits to be familiar and comfortable with their new jobs culture and norms.

    Handbook Optimization

    The basic essential tool for employers to clarify work related rules and policies for all employees. It is very important to have a clear and concise rule book that effectively communicates the guidelines for any employee.

    Full IT Evaluation & Deployment

    We also offer I.T. support services to keep your business operating smoothly. Options such as 24 hour support, network setup, computer hardware repair, data recovery, software troubleshooting, and much more are available.

    Medical Provider Credentialing

    Ceed Enterprises provides the process by which a health insurance carrier formally assesses a provider's qualifications, including how competent they are based on demonstrated competence.

    Vendor Relationship Management

    We aim to make VRM easy and mutually beneficial for our clients. Our goal is to provide independence from vendors and a better means for engaging with them.

     Stakeholder Meetings

     We will hold meetings that will give anyone with an interest in your company a chance to stay up-to-date on the company's operations.

     Startup Business Planning

    Ceed Enterprises provides a full break down and step by step procedure to launch your business off on the right foot for success. We will document the details of your business to summarize the vital financial objectives and operational goals your unique business possesses, we will then go through and detail how this can be accomplished. A solid road map will evaluate what you need to do, and how you will need to do it.

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Whether it’s a few of our services, or a full management proposal you are after, we take the necessary time to learn about your business or idea, to create the results you desire.

Who We Are

Ceed Enterprises was formed to help businesses of any lifecycle, be it startup or actively growing business, to achieve a higher level of success. With our expertise and wide range of services, we strive to benefit businesses of all sizes and industries.

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